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Cookies & Co

The operator of these web pages does not use any cookies, not even a harmless, counting session cookie anymore, because I find the necessary, correct consent procedure too annoying. If you encounter cookies here, they come from our web provider for its usual purposes (see below).

For data protection reasons we do not use any analytic software or service and don't embed external applets etc. The social media symbols at our pages are only icons with links, without any further connection to the social media providers.

Web forms for interested parties and conference attendees

We offer web forms for parties interested in our events to leave contact data in order to be added to a mailing list. All web forms are accessible by a secure connection (HTTPS). We use the data only for sending informative mails about the chosen events. The retention period for this data is 5 years except you opt out before. After that period we delete the data of all interested parties who have not registered for an event.

We only send a few informative mails about the chosen events per year (dates, agendas, important changes). Each mail contains the information how to opt out from the mailing list with a simple mail answer. In this case the contact data gets deleted immediately.

For the inscription to our events we offer web forms to leave the needed customer data. All web forms are accessible by a secure connection (HTTPS). We use the data to fulfill the contract and our legal retention obligations. After the booked event we add the contact data of attendees to the targeted mailing list for follow-up events, for a period of 5 years with easy opt out. (see above)

Web forum

If you want to post messages to our web forum you have to register with an arbitrary user name and an e-mail address. The registration process is necessary as otherwise the forum would be flooded by spam robots. We use the data exclusively for registration and login to the forum.


Like every web provider the provider/hoster of this website (currently: Microsoft, Azure App Services) collects and saves so called server log files automatically sent by your browser. The basis for this is art. 6 of the GDPR which grants the right to process data to fulfill a contract. Usually it is the following data:

- browser type and version
- used operating system
- referrer URL
- host name of the accessing computer
- date and time of the server request
- IP address

We don't use this data ourselves and do not combine it with data from other sources.

Your Rights

Thanks to the GDPR you have the right to request and get information about your personal data we've saved, as well as to request and get a copy of this data. You have the right of correction of incorrect data and the right of deletion of your data as far as it doesn't conflict with legal retention obligations. You also can apply to the Austrian Data Protection Authority.

For any questions, requests or notes regarding data protection at, the best way is to contact us by e-mail:

Responsible Data Controller

Karl Donaubauer
Grinzinger Allee 5/14, 1190 Vienna, Austria
+43 1 942 58 87