GDPR for Database Developers

Karl Donaubauer + Bernd Jungbluth + Philipp Stiefel
database developers, data protection advisers, conference presenters on GDPR

You can download our GDPR whitepaper from here (about 30 pages PDF).

It provides IT professionals and especially database developers with essential information and instructions on the European General Data Protection Regulation in a concentrated form and understandable language. From the mass of legal texts, books, websites and articles on the GDPR, data protection and data security, we filter out what the practitioner actually needs to know, understand and implement.

The technical implementation using Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL Server is covered in separate sections. The further contents do not refer to specific database systems, because the requirements are the same for all.

Our approach to data protection is our own professional practice as independent developers and IT specialists. In addition to findings from seminars, lectures and discussions, experience gained from our consulting activities and practical implementation for customers is also incorporated.

We will update the whitepaper from time to time. currently: version 1.0.2 from 27th January 2020



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