I'm Karl Donaubauer, a database developer and Access MVP from Vienna. In 25 years, together with my small team, I've organized 72 developer conferences (Access, SQL Server, .NET) in Germany, Austria, Italy and online. Meanwhile our annual German Access developer's conference AEK is the biggest event for Access in the world.

The Access DevCon Vienna is a kind of spin-off in English with international presenters and attendees, in particular a friendly encounter of Europe and the USA. However if you are an Access developer from let's say Brazil, South Africa, India or Tasmania, donít hesitate to join us. ;-)

The main goal of the devcon is to foster the professional work with Access by bringing together developers from as many countries as possible, presenting the latest news, interesting techniques and initiatives.

So much for the background and motivation. For comments, questions or offers feel free to contact me by e-mail.

       Karl Donaubauer
       Grinzinger Allee 5/14
       1190 Vienna
       Austria, Europe, Earth
       Tel +43 1 942 58 87